Appointment: +3586 425 8100

Appointment times are available on between 8am-3pm.
urgent appointments: Mon-Fri between 8am-10pm
requesting laboratory and test results between 12pm-3pm

We are using a callback system. Your phone number is saved into our system automatically, and we will return your call within the same day

Inquiries about prescriptions

Mon-Fri between 10am-3pm, tel: +3586 425 8100
prescription matters, e.g. renewal of electronic prescription

Laboratory sampling

The Y building, Koskenalantie 18
Tel: +3586 415 8813

Opening hours

Mon, Wed, Thu between 12pm-3pm and on Tue between 12pm-6pm. On Fridays, no INR samples are taken.
You need a referral from a doctor of the Seinäjoki health centre to have a sample taken at the laboratory. No samples are taken against a referral from a private doctor.

Enquiring about test results

You can inquire about the test results on weekdays between 12pm-2pm, a week after giving the sample, tel: +3586 425 8100.
The results of the INR tests and the dosage of the Marevan medication cannot be requested until the next weekday after the sample has been provided, between 12pm-2pm. Laboratory enquiries related to the emergency duty are handled upon agreement. Answers are not given directly from the laboratory.

X-ray and radiology

The radiology department is open Mon-Fri between 12pm-2pm.
A referral from a health center doctor, a dentist, or a work healthcare doctor is required for all X-rays and imaging requirements. The appointment will be made at reception.
To cancel an appointment, or for additional information, contact the department on Mon-Fri between 10am-2pm, tel: +3586 425 8100

Receptions of doctors and nurses
The Y building, 2nd floor
Koskenalantie 18, PO Box 60220 Seinäjoki

The Y building, 2nd floor
Koskenalantie 18, PO Box 60220 Seinäjoki

X-ray and radiology
The Y building, 1st floor
Koskenalantie 18, PO Box 60220 Seinäjoki