Metsäkulman päiväkoti, Törnäväntie 30 H, 60200 Seinäjoki

Metsäkulma Day Care Centre is located next to a forest, near Pruuki Joint Comprehensive School.
We move about a lot in nature and explore our natural surroundings all year round.

We provide children with a safe, unhurried and versatile early childhood education. We work in small groups, which allows the child to meet individually in everyday life.
We work together with parents and guardians for the good of their child.
We encourage and motivate children and inspire them to become active participants.

The day care centre is open between 6.30am and 5.00pm.

Sirkka Lehdikko
Day Care Centre Manager, Metsäkulma Day Care Centre
+358 44 425 5171

Mari Koski-Aho
Regional Manager, Early Childhood Education Regional Managers
+358 44 418 1234

Maarit Riskumäki
Special needs teacher in early childhood education, Early childhood special education
+358 44 470 0347

Metsäkulma Day Care Centre – Food Services
Food Services
+358 44 425 5235

Pörriäiset +358 44 425 5229

Hiirulaiset +358 44 425 5224