Internationalisation strategy

The Strategy of Internationalisation in Seinäjoki education system

The Strategy of Internationalisation in the Seinäjoki education system is based on Cultural Identity and Internationalism in the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education. Seinäjoki has a well-rounded education in languages. Seinäjoki tries to cooperate with the schools of twin towns and cities, uses the possibilities given by EU, develops the network between different schools and education systems and tries to find international assistant teachers for schools. Seinäjoki education system has a coordinator of international affairs who works as a contact person in all international matters of education.

In basic education there are several courses of action depending on pupils’ age:

    • songs and games
    • music, literacy and art
    • drama
    • studies and exhibitions
    • assemblies and voluntary work
    • clubs
    • writing letters and other activities with twin schools
    • students’ presentations on their travels abroad
    • internet and media
    • study visits
    • learning different languages
    • teacher exchange
    • CLIL education and CLIL classes
    • sponsoring children or schools abroad
    • inviting foreign students to visit schools

In upper secondary school internationalisation is also put into practice in several ways. Internationalisation, intercultural communication, mobility and cultural identity are strongly present in the schools' curriculum, and the schools run several exchange programmes every year.


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Strategy in Finnish (pdf, 0.91 Mt)

The English version of the new strategy is pending.

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