Cultural identity

Cultural Identity and Internationalism/National Core Curriculum for Basic Education

The goal of the cross-curricular theme “Cultural Identity and Internationalism" is to help the pupil to understand the essence of the Finnish and European cultural identities, discover his or her own cultural identity, and develop capabilities for cross-cultural interaction and internationalism.


The pupils will

  • come to know and appreciate their respective cultural inheritances, spiritual and material, and to see the Finnish cultural identity as an element of indigenous, Nordic and European cultures
  • come to understand the roots and diversity of their own cultures and to see their own generation as a continuer and developer of previous generation’s way of life
  • get an introduction to other cultures and philosophies of life, and acquire capabilities for functioning in a multicultural community, and in international cooperation
  • come to understand the component factors of cultural identity and their meaning for the individual and community.

Core Contents

  • •one’s own culture, the culture of one’s home region, and the nature of being Finnish, Nordic and European
    •other cultures and multiculturalism
  • human rights and prerequisites for trust, mutual respect, and successful cooperation among human groups
  • internationalism in different spheres of life, and skills for functioning in international interaction
  • the importance of the culture of manners

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