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Overview of the schools and their contact details

Seinäjoki has 26 primary schools (forms 1-6), 4 lower secondary schools (forms 7-9), 1 united primary and lower secondary school, 2 special education schools, 1 private school (Steiner School) and 4 upper secondary schools.

The following schools have got CLIL -education (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in English

    • Marttila (forms 1-6),
    • Lyseo (forms 7-9)
    • Seinäjoen lukio (upper secondary school)

The following specialized programmes take place in Seinäjoki schools

    • Music Classes (Lyseo and Marttila)
    • Mathematical Subjects (Nurmon yläaste, forms 7-9)
    • Sports-Orientated Classes (Seinäjoen yhteiskoulu, forms 7-9)

More information about schools of Seinäjoki:

Contact details of administration
Mr. Jari Jaskari
Primary and secondary schools' development projects
Mr. Kimmo Rantanen,

E-mail addresses are form firstname.lastname@seinajoki.fi.

Seinäjoen kaupunki
Käyntiosoite: Vaasantie 1 C (4. kerros), 60100 Seinäjoki
Postiosoite: PL 215, 60101 Seinäjoki

p. 06 416 2171
f. 06 416 2506 (kaupungintalon info)