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Overview of the schools and their contact details

Seinäjoki has 21 primary schools (forms 1-6), 4 lower secondary schools (forms 7-9), 2 united primary and lower secondary school, 2 special education schools, 1 private school (Steiner School) and 4 upper secondary schools.

The following schools have got CLIL -education (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in English

    • Marttila (forms 1-6),
    • Lyseo (forms 7-9)
    • Seinäjoen lukio (upper secondary school)

The following specialized programmes take place in Seinäjoki schools

    • Music Classes (Lyseo and Marttila)
    • Mathematical Subjects (Nurmon yläaste, forms 7-9)
    • Sports-Orientated Classes (Seinäjoen yhteiskoulu, forms 7-9)

Contact details of primary schools - www.seinajoki.fi/alakoulut
Contact details of lower secondary schools - www.seinajoki.fi/ylakoulut
Contact details of united primary and lower secondary schools - www.seinajoki.fi/yhtenaiskoulut
Contact details of special education schools- www.seinajoki.fi/erityiskoulut

Contact details of administration
Mr. Jari Jaskari

Primary and secondary schools' development projects
Mr. Kimmo Rantanen

Instruction preparing for basic education (VALO)

In Seinäjoki, most of the pupils with immigrant background attend preparatory instruction (valmistava opetus) which is provided for pupils whose language skills are not sufficient to study in a basic education group. The aim is to support the pupils’ balanced development and integration into Finnish society as well as the necessary skills to enable them to attend basic education. An individual study program is made for every pupil.

In 2017, a two-year program was launched to support the instruction preparing for basic education. As part of the program, preparatory instruction is centralized in some schools and traditional classroom instruction is modified into home class (kotipesä) education. Pupils with immigrant background begin their studies in home classes but they also have a place in basic education group. As soon as their language skills and other abilities allow it, the pupils are integrated into basic education group, at least in art and physical education.

After preparatory instruction, pupils with immigrant background are provided with education of Finnish as a second language as well as with education of their own religion and mother tongue.

Currently, schools providing preparatory instruction are Marttila, Lintuviita, Valkiavuori and Kirja-Matti primary schools, Lyseo and Nurmon yläaste (lower secondary schools) and Toivolanranta (united primary and lower secondary school).

Contact person
Johanna Tuohisaari, the coordinator of immigrant education

Seinäjoen kaupunki
Käyntiosoite: Kirkkokatu 6, 60100 Seinäjoki
Postiosoite: PL 215, 60101 Seinäjoki