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Ylistaro Upper Secondary

Ylistaro Upper Secondary School is just about the right size for a successful school. Our students number a little shy of one hundred, and almost all of them come from our 'own' comprehensive school. Thus, they know the other students and teachers well. That means we have a great feeling of belonging in our school. But those who have come from other schools seem to find friends easily as well.

But small size does not mean poor results. For instance in our national matriculation examination 2010 our school was among the sixty best schools in the country and the second in Southern Ostrobohtnia. The results of the exam naturally vary from year to year, but this clearly proves that even in smaller schools exam results can be really satisfying.

Sari Juutistenaho, who had sat the national exam in 2003 placing herself among the 40 best students (out of 40 000) in the whole country, received her doctoral degree in medicine from Helsinki University in 2010. Pohjankyrö local newspaper interviewed her on the occasion, and she said among other things: "Ylistaro Upper Secondary is to my mind well comparable to the so-called elite schools in the capital area. There may be less choice, but on the other hand everyone's individual wishes can be more easily accommodated. The fact that everyone knows everyone can sometimes be annoying, but it is also a strength."

Ylistaro Upper Secondary received European Language Label award in 2003,


Ylistaron lukio

Kaukolanraitti 50 / PL 4



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