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Social work for adults

Subsistence Subsidy

Subsistence subsidy (also: Income Support/ Maintenance Grant) is an individual, temporary and last-resort support which completes other benefits. It is meant for situations in which earned income and means do not cover reasonable costs of living. An applicant must actively try to improve their livelihood, for example, by trying to find a job work practice at workplaces or by applying for a placement at vocational schools.

Under subsistence subsidy, the applicant's and their family members' available net income and assets are considered income. The subsidy is granted by the municipality where the applicant permanently resides.

As a rule, subsistence subsidy is applied for in writing. Application forms are available in Seinäjoki at the information desk of the Social Services office and in Peräseinäjoki, Nurmo and Ylistaro at the service office.

A printable version of the form (pdf, 0.05 Mt)
For more information, contact the Social Services office, tel. +358 6 416 2111

Social work for adults

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