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Labour Service Centre - TYP

The Labour Service Centre is a joint form of service based on cooperation between the TE office (employment office), the city of Seinäjoki, the municipality of Ilmajoki, and Kela (The Social Insurance Institution in Finland). Labour Service Centres are service points where the customer receives the services of the TE office, municipalities and Kela all at one location in case job seeking has for some reason become prolonged or complicated. The work is based on customer-oriented and multidisciplinary cooperation.

Transacting with the labour service centres takes place by appointment. Customers cannot call the labour service centres by themselves and make an appointment but they are directed to the labour service centre based on an evaluation of service needs conducted either by the TE office or by social services.
Transacting with the labour service centres takes place by appointment

Manager Päivi Krook
tel. +358 44 4181183

Labour Service Centre - TYP

Valtionkatu 1 C

FI-60100 Seinäjoki

tel. +358 6 416 2111 (City of Seinäjoki)

tel. +358 295 046 500 (TE-Office)