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Older people services

The Age Centre is a guidance and information service point of the city of Seinäjoki for senior citizens. Here you can find information on services, benefits, and recreational possibilities. The social worker for senior citizen affairs provides advice and guidance in matters related to services, financial matters, benefits, housing, and supervision of interests.

Home care duties include nursing tasks, such as medical treatment, wound treatment, taking blood samples, stitch removal, health control, hospice care, help with personal hygiene, nutritional guidance, and assistance with outdoor activities and household management. Either a service voucher is used for organising basic cleaning, however, using private services is recommended.

In addition, support services as well as meal, shopping, sauna, and bathing services are available, complementing the need of other services.

The purpose of the support for the care of close relatives is to ensure that a person who requires a lot of assistanc can live at their own home. The support refers to the nursing rewards or services paid to the carer of a close relative. The carer can be a close relative or another person close to those under care. This support is a discretionary benefit.

Living in one’s own home is essential to the quality of life of a senior citizen. If needed, living and daily activities are supported by home care services. When the need for help increases, and if living in one’s own home is no longer possible, living is arranged in round-the-clock service housing. You can apply for service housing via the SAS office.

Age Centre Office

Verkatehtaankatu 10

FI-60100 Seinäjoki

tel. +358 6 416 6606