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Child welfare clinic

The task of the child welfare clinic is to promote the health of children and their families and preempt the illnesses or preferrably diagnose them at an early stage. The goal is to monitor a child's physical, mental, and social development and support the emotional attachment between a child and the parents.

At the child welfare clinic, the child's wellbeing is being monitored at certain intervals at the nurse's or doctor's reception. Parents are welcome to the clinic visits. The visit to the clinic should be postponed in the case of a child falling ill. The clinic services are free, and the operations have been organised as neighbourhood services in different parts of the city.

The infant is usually two weeks old when transferred from being under the care of the maternity clinic to the children's clinic. The nurse of the children's clinic usually visits the home of the family when the baby is three to four weeks old. The nurse sees the child every month until the baby is six months old, and after that every two months until the age of one year. Between the age of two and until the child goes to school the visits are annually, usually around the time of the child's birthday. If needed, the monitoring programme can be changed. The national LENE (neurological development of pre-school-aged child) monitoring method is used for the health checkups of children between three and six years old. The purpose of LENE is to form an overall picture of the child's development.

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Child welfare clinic
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