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First aid service clinic

The first aid service clinic at the health centre is open every day between 8am-8pm without need for an appointment. For advice and guidance regarding first aid matters by phone, tel: +3586 425 5311 during opening hours.

At night, between 8pm-8am, the emergency duty clinic at the central hospital provides the service duty, tel: +3586 415 4555. Patients are treated in the order of medical urgency.

Only patients whose treatment cannot be delayed without inflicting mortal danger or a serious deterioration of health caused by a disease or illness are treated at the first aid service duty. It is not possible to make an appointment to the first aid clinic.

Based on an evaluation for the need of medical treatment; less urgent cases of disease, illness or accident are directed to the appointment ward.

First aid service duty
The Y building
Koskenalantie 18,

PO Box 60220 Seinäjoki
Tel: +3586 425 5311 between 8am-8pm
Tel: +3586 415 4555 between 8pm-8am