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Seinäjoki as an employer

As the largest employer in the region, the City of Seinäjoki has over 5000 employees. Our assets include good training possibilities and encouragement to develop one’s own work. Good initiation to work and strong support from coworkers can help you achieve success and development in your work. The city supports a non-smoking policy in the work environment.

Seinäjoki is on the top of the list of Finnish growth centres. The city is presently experiencing rapid growths and developments. There are over 63 000 inhabitans, and there is a total population of about 140 000 including the surrounding communities. Seinäjoki's population is young: the average age being around 39 years. The comfortable urban environment, short distances between services and amenities and diverse options for accommodation are characteristic to the city’s everyday life. As the centre of the sixth largest market area in Finland, the city offers very competitive and inviting trade services too. Seinäjoki offers high-quality education all the way up to university-level studies.

Seinäjoki is well known for hosting large and varied events. You can experience the thrill and rhythm of live music through gigs at Rytmikorjaamo or at concerts performed by the city orchestra. You can spend your free time at the swimming hall, artificial ice rink, golf course, horse race centre, or at the slopes and the skiing and jogging tracks of Jouppilanvuori. The new city library Apila is a charming experience for its visitors.

The city's success is based on a uniquely strong will to succeed and develop, accompanied with a tradition and attitude of cooperation to help the city and its inhabitants experience growth and prosperity together.