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Employment unit

Are you interested working for Seinäjoki city?

Unemployeed job applicants will be placed into different units of Seinäjoki city via Työllistämisyksikkö./ Employment unit.
We will take care of any paperwork needed depending clients situation.

You can go for
- job experiment,
- rehabilitation for improving functional capacity, or
- attachment

You can be young or eldery with some life experiece, or without any experience, or if you are just interested trying fo something new - from cleaning to working with the children, from kitchen to working in the office – there are a lot of options!
Most of our clients has been working and seeking for job experiment in schools, daycare centers, youth- and park units, geriatric services, food services and cleaning services.
Other options may be librarys, healthcare services, laboratory, traffic services and property maintenance.

You can contact us via employment agency, but you can also take contact us yourself. We will meet in our office and compose strategy. You have to be a resident of Seinäjoki.

Contact information:


Keskuskatu 32 I, 3rd floor

60100 Seinäjoki

Merja Hautakangas, Career planner
p. 06 416 2085, 040 774 8366
Anne Suvisalmi, Service counselor
p. 06 416 2086, 044 425 5122
Jenna Luoma, Office worker/ client service
p. 06 416 2084, 044 418 1820