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Real estate and measurement services

The department of real estate and measurement services deals with the acquisition of the land needed for urban construction as well as the administration of land properties. Its key tasks include selling plots, rental of areas, and the consideration of permits for land use and development for different areas.

Municipal Surveyor Taru-Maaria Herttua-Suokko
Tel: + 358 6 416 2251, + 358 40 539 1167, taru-maaria.herttua-suokkoseinajoki.fi

The city of Seinäjoki offers various options for living in a detached house. The prices of plots for detached houses are aimed to be kept low, so that as many people as possible have the possibility to live in a detached house. Some of the plots can also be rented.
Those building for the first time have priority when plots are allocated.

Vacant plots

Renting and permit affairs for areas owned by city; selling of plots
Property technician Jorma Ala-Hiiro
Tel: +358 6 416 2253, +358 40 729 2840, jorma.ala-hiiroseinajoki.fi

Maps and cartographic services

The city produces and keeps up-to-date digital (numeric) cartographic material concerning its entire area. The material can be submitted either as conventional paper maps or in most general file formats for the purposes of digital use and further development.
When using the material, it is essential to have a permit from the city and agree on an appropriate compensation. The compensation depends on, for example, the quality and extensiveness of the material and the circulation.

Material and permits
Catrographic Engineer Seija Perasto
Tel: +358 6 416 2377, +358 40 774 8679, seija.perastoseinajoki.fi

Map services
Tel: +358 6 416 2255, Fax: +358 6 416 2047, karttapalvelutseinajoki.fi

Real estate formation and measurement services

The city handles the formation of real estates and the upkeep of the cadastral survey within the area of the city plan. The tasks of measurement services include the marking of plots and construction sites as well as the site inspections of buildings.

Real estate formation
Cadastral Surveyor Mirja Jatkola
Tel: +358 6 416 2378, +358 44 4255 083, mirja.jatkolaseinajoki.fi

Measurement Services
Measurement Engineer Harri Lusa
Tel: +358 6 416 2098, +358 500 269 559, harri.lusaseinajoki.fi

City of Seinäjoki
Technical office
Visiting address: Kirkkokatu 6, 60100 Seinäjoki
Mailing address: PO Box 215, 60101 Seinäjoki