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Facility Services

The mission of the profit area of Facility Services is to create and secure, through the development and maintenance of facility services, cosy, well-functioning and appropriate facilities for the City inhabitants, within the limits of the financial resources allocated by the City Council.

The Head of the profit centre is City Architect Jussi Aittoniemi, and there are some 85 people working for the profit centre.

City Architect Jussi Aittoniemi
Tel. +358 6 416 2226, +358 40 585 3917

The profit centres of the area of Facility Services are:
• planning
• construction
• maintenance and building
• facility management


The mission of the profit centre of Planning is to take care of the planning of the City facilities and of the immovable equipment related to them.

Person in charge of the profit centre of Planning:
Planning Architect Jaakko Peltonen
Tel. +358 6 416 2272, +358 40 51 33266


The mission of the profit centre of Construction is to take care of the construction of the City facilities.

Person in charge of the profit centre of Construction:
Construction Manager Jari Lepistö
Tel. +358 0 416 2211, +358 400 283775

Real estate maintenance:

The mission of the profit centre of Real estate maintenance is to produce services for maintaining the condition, value, qualities, and state of real estate at the desired level. Real estate maintenance includes energy management services, surveillance of technical systems, security services, building and repair services, waste management, and outdoor area maintenance. The profit centre also operates in the field of vocational rehabilitation by developing, organizing and providing the assistance maintenance tasks, in other words, maintaining operational capability of human resources - the critical services that are necessary to maintain the vital functions of society.

Person in charge of the profit centre of Real estate maintenance:
Maintenance Manager, Chairman of the City's Cross-functional Preparedness Group, Dr. Vesa-Jukka Vornanen
Tel. +358 6 416 7636, +358 44 754 1759

Facility management:

Person in charge of the profit centre of Facility management:
Facility Manager Jouni Tiisijärvi
Tel. +p. 358 6 416 6383, +358 40 774 8385

Cleaning services:

Person in charge of the profit centre of Cleaning services:
Cleaning Service Manager Tarja Lehtinen
Tel. +p. 358 6 416 2654, +358 50 3825 161

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