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Environmental protection

The department is responsible for environmental protection in Seinäjoki and has different licencing, supervisory and developmental tasks prescribed by law.

Environmental permits must be obtained for any activities that may be harmful to the environment. The Environmental Protection Decree (169/2000) defines the activities that require an environmental permit. Permits are issued either by the environmental permit authority Regional State Administrative Agencies for Western and Central Finland or the Environment Committee of the City of Seinäjoki. Instructions and environmental permit application forms are available on the Environmental Administration website .

Air protection
The quality of the air is being continually measured in Seinäjoki. Most of the time, the air quality in Seinäjoki is rated as good. In spring, there is usually a short period when the air quality is rated as satisfactory.

Waste management
In the Seinäjoki region, all premises in use that create residential or similar waste must sign up to a system of organised waste transport. This regulation also applies to holiday houses and waste water sludge from residential properties. The local waste management company Lakeuden Etappi is responsible for transporting and handling the residential waste and taking care of recyclable material and hazardous waste.

Any events causing noise disturbance or vibration on a temporary basis, for example open-air concerts, motor racing events, public events or construction, must be reported in advance to the municipal environmental authority.

Wastewater must be processed in such a way that it does not endanger the environment or become harmful to health. Even minimal amounts of wastewater should not flow directly into the water system. Within the sewer area, all properties must be connected to the sewer system. Outside the area, all wastewater must be handled either in the general purification facilities or separately for each property.

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Pirjo Korhonen
Head of environmental protection
tel. + 358 6 425 5717, mobile + 358 50 581 1696

Aili Sorjanen
Environmental inspector
tel. +358 6 425 5711, mobile + 358 50 581 1694

Hanna Latva-Kiskola
Environmental inspector
tel. +358 6 425 5716, mobile +358 44 425 5716

Jukka Järvinen
Environmental inspector
tel. + 358 6 425 5712,mobile +358 50 581 1695

Vappu Rinta-Lusa (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Office secretary
tel. + 358 6 416 6526

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