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Outdoor exercise routes and cross-country skiing trails

There are many exercise and jogging tracks, nature trails, and skiing trails in the Seinäjoki area. There are over 200 kilometres of maintained skiing trails alone.

During the skiing season, the jogging tracks are used for skiing: walking on them is forbidden. The exercise track of Joupiska which is accessible for disabled persons has a separate walking lane at the side of the track, going from Kultavuori to the hilly area around the hospital via the Jouppilanvuori exercise track.

Seinäjoki area

The largest area for outdoor activities is in the surrounding area of Jouppilanvuori, where you can enjoy and use at your leisure, for example, Kyrkösjärvi lake, nature trails, the jogging track, or familiarise yourself with the Joupiska trail and the outdoor experience trail (which are also accessible to disabled persons) that leads to Ilmajoki's Ahonkylä area.

On the Jouppilanvuori trail, people with limited mobility have been considered with the addition of rest stops at regular intervals, for example, accessible restrooms, a pier, goahti (Nordic-style hut) and lean-to. Kyrkösjärvi lake also has a limited mobility accessible sports field built in cooperation with South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre Eptek. A variety of events can be organised in the Jouppilanvuori area where there are a skiing stadium with an artificial turf field, ski-jumping hill, Joupiska ski slope centre, ice sports centre (consisting of a large artificial ice rink, outdoor hockey rink and an ice stadium), the Wallsport Arena and the Seinäjoki ice hockey stadium.

There are around ten lean-tos in the city area, for example at the foot of Hallilanvuori, on the trails of Kyrkösjärvi and Honkakylä and on the accessible and the outdoor experience trails. The city provides firewood for the Jouppilanvuori trail. Please bring your own firewood for the other trails.

Nurmo area

The most popular jogging track in the area is in Hyllykallio. The Hyllykallio jogging track is connected to the Tanelinranta recreational area, where the snowmaking machine ensures good skiing conditions early in winter. Tanelinranta is also an ideal place to organise events. The area includes a daycare centre, school, skiing stadium / youth centre, the Q Max Arena, and an ice-swimming area with a sauna.

The Paukaneva duckboard trail can be found nearby the centre of Nurmo, providing peaceful natural surroundings. This is a special area of conservation within the EU's Natura 2000 programme. Paukaneva is an excellent outdoor recreational area for the whole family.

Ylistaro area

Ylistaro's outdoor trails are located around the residential areas by the river Kyröjoki. The area has many jogging trails and natural sightsrelated to Ylistaro's history.

Malkakoski is a naturally beautiful area for outdoor activities. Here there is a bird tower for bird admireres, lean-tos to rest and relax at, the chance to do a spot of fishing or simply stop, listen and enjoy the rumbling of the Malkakoski rapids.

Peräseinäjoki area

Peräseinäjoki's outdoor activity areas are located in a peaceful rural landscape. Plains, woods moors and the lake scenery of Kalajärvi are just some of the sights and areas for activities.

The most popular outdoor trail in the area is in the Kalajärvi surroundings, where you can find a renewed, disability accessible, geological nature trail along with hiking and bicycle trails around the Kalajärvi lake. There is also a beach, beach volley courts, a golfing green and cabin / caravan park as well as restaurant services. Newly added for the winter of 2013 was a tour skating track. You can rent special touring skates at the Ravintola Kalajärvi restaurant.

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