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Instructions for the swimming hall

Please follow the instructions and rules for everyone's safety

  • Observe the signs and instructios from personnel
  • No running due to risk of slipping
  • No glass bottles, chewing gum or other hazardous objects
  • Permitted types of swimwear are swim suits or brief-style swim trunks. Shorts are not permitted as swimwear!
  • Shower before going into the pool or sauna
  • Wet your hair before swimming or wear a swim cap
  • If you have long hair, it should be tied up before going into the pool
  • Swimwear should not be worn or taken into the sauna. Swimwear should not be used for sitting on in the sauna.
  • Jumping into water from the side of the pool is not allowed
  • Photography is prohibited in the swimming hall and locker rooms
  • Please inform the swim supervisor about any serious illnesses
  • Please respect other swimmers
  • If problems arise, contact the personnel immediately
You can use the services of the swimming hall for two hours with one swim ticket or for three hours with a combined swim + gym ticket. This includes swimming, sauna time, and dressing.

Washing and sauna

Always wash and shower before swimming and using the sauna; this must be done without swimwear.

Swimwear must be removed when using sauna, as the chlorine in the pool water may vaporise in the heat of sauna, which may cause breathing difficulties to asthmatics and people with allergies. Swimwear should be clean before entering the pool. Also, sweat and other impurities soil the swimwear and would get into the water even if you washed yourself in the shower before going into the pool.

For hygienic reasons, you should use a pefletti, a type of paper or cloth sheet that is placed on the sauna bench and sat on. Bring your own or buy a disposable pefletti at the service desk.

Long hair should be tied up and you must wet your hair before going into the pool. In case you do not want to wet your hair, you should wear a swim cap.

Feet should be disinfected before going to or leaving the pool area. The disinfecting shower can be found in the shower room, by the stairs leading to the locker room.


Use appropriate swimwear in the pools. Shorts are not considered appropriate swimwear. The more folds and creases swimwear has, the higher the chance of dirt and bacteria getting into the water. You can rent swimwear at the service desk.

You can check with personnel that your swimwear is suitable.

We recommend the use of a swim diaper for children under the age of 2 years.

Pool facilities

Persons who cannot swim and children under school age should be accompanied by their parents or under supervision. Swimming floats are allowed only in the teaching pool. You can borrow swimming floats from the basket next to the teaching pool.
Swimming floats are not allowed in the multipurpose pool except during specially allotted times. Children who cannot swim should always have their parents with them in the multipurpose pool.

Children should go to the toilet before going to the pools. Feces in the pool would result in the closing of the pool for the duration of water purification.

Diving and jumping into the water are allowed in the diving pool only. The swim supervisors open the 5-metre diving tower if it is needed. Check before diving or jumping that no-one is in the water below you! Diving and jumping from the side of the pool is not allowed.

A separate lane is reserved for water running. You should run in a line, not side by side. Please wash your water-running belt before bringing it into the pool. You can also rent water-running belts at the service desk.

Separate lanes are reserved for more advanced and faster swimmers. Please swim and pass other swimmers clockwise in the lanes.

Only one person at a time should use the water slide. Slide with your feet first. Coming down the slide in a line or in pairs is not allowed in order to prevent injury. Adhere to the traffic lights that notify you of your turn. Leave the area below the water slide immediately.


Use indoor sport shoes in the gym.

Please return the weights and mats to their correct places. Do not misuse or vent frustration with the gym equipment and use the equipment carefully. Do not rest at the equipment stations so that others may use them.

Please tell the personnel about any malfunctioning equipment.

For safety reasons, children should be supervised and must not play on gym equipment. The gym's recommended minimum age is 12 years.

Using the wristband

The Seinäjoki swimming hall uses a wristband system provided by Pusatec.

The wristband functions as your ticket into the pool areas as well as a pass for the gate and lockers. You can also purchase ticket packages, which includes the charge for the wristband itself.
  • Pass your wristband over the reading device at the gate to gain entry. You can freely choose your locker. Vacant lockers are indicated with a green light.
  • Close the locker and pass your wristband over the locker's reading device. The locker is locked when red light is lit. Make sure all your clothes and belongings are properly stored in the locker and do not press against the door.
  • Wear the wristband at all times, also when swimming and using the sauna.
  • Your wristband can only be used on your own locker once it is locked. Memorise the locker number!
  • When returning to your locker, open the door in the same manner as you did for locking it. Do not obstruct the door and the lock will open. In the event that you forget your locker number, you can check it with the reading device at the end of the line of lockers, near the stairs leading to the shower facilities.
  • When leaving, leave the locker door open! Otherwise, you will not be able to exit through the gate.
  • At the gate, put your wristband into the opening, with the narrow end first. If your ticket is for one use only, the gate will take the wristband and you can walk through the gate. If you have a ticket package loaded onto your wristband, the gate will return the wristband. You can also pass a wristband with a ticket package over the reading device on top of the gate.
  • When using the gym, use the wristband at the gate, change your clothes in the locker room, and lock your locker. A disposable gym ticket will let you through the gate and returns the wristband (you can also use the reading device on top of the gate). The gym door can be opened with the reading device to the left of the gym door. In case you need to fill up your water bottle or go to the toilet, please use the downstairs toilet facilities (the gate only lets you through for certain uses). After your gym session is complete, you can go back through the gate to the locker room, shower and pool facilities.

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