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Swim schools and baby swimming

Sports and exercise services organise swim shools for adults who are unable to swim and in the summer, basic swimming courses are available for children. Information regarding swimming schools can be found in the Seinäjoen Sanomat paper. Enrolment is in May.

In winter months, basic courses and courses in swimming technique are organised by Seinäjoen Uimarit (in Finnish).

Baby swimming

Baby swimming courses are held every Saturday morning between 9:45am-12:15pm (five groups, each for 30 minutes). Ideally, baby swimming courses should begin when the baby is 3-6 months old and weighing at least 5 kilos, although you can apply to join the group before this. The baby swimming course is available for babies up to the age of one year.

New groups begin in September and January, but you can apply for places that may become available during the season.

Additional information and enrolment

Sarika Kivimäki
Tel. +358 40 774 8286

Family / swimming with training toys

These courses are available for the whole family on Sundays between 10am-12pm and are organised throughout the year.

You can swim in the multipurpose pool with an adult and while wearing floats only during these allotted times. Water jets are not in use during these sessions and you may take your own water toy or float into the pool, providing that it is clean. Only one toy is allowed per child and the size of the toy must be at least 15 cm in diameter. A maximum of 15 families are allowed into the multipurpose pool at a time. No instruction is provided.

Adult swim school

Beginner-level swimming courses for adults are organised when a minimum of 10 persons have enrolled in a group. The courses last ten weeks and sessions will be held on weekday evenings. Enrolment takes place at the service point of the Uimahalli-Urheilutalo swimming hall / sports centre.

More information

Ismo Kalevo
Tel. +358 40 774 8363

City of Seinäjoki
Sports Department (situated in the Swimming and Sports Hall building)
Kirkkokatu 15, PL 215
60101 Seinäjoki

Tel. +358 6 416 2146, +358 40 774 8661
Fax +358 6 416 2728
The Sports Office is open from 8.00 to 15.45 on weekdays