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Musical works of art: paving the way for a career in rhythm music for children and young people.
Louhimo (Quarry) is the children’s cultural center. The aim is to give all that participate a good experience in music and develop a unified growth path for enthusiastic musicians and bands all the way up to career possibilities.

Playing in a band is a hobby that is relatively easy to get started in and has a preventive effect towards exclusion. Working with bands and playing music requires a wide range of skills and cooperation among the various artistic fields. In addition to this cooperation, work is being done to target the needs of specific groups.

Even though the contents are often produced by adults, the children's cultural center supports art and cultural activities produced by children and young people. Through artistic actions, children and young people learn to express themselves, find creative solutions and discover their own style and way of being.

Louhimo’s office is located in Rytmikorjaamo. It is an old mailtruck depot that has been reconstructed to innovation and learning environment.

Children’s cultural center Louhimo

Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki

Tuomo Kallio
Children's culture coordinator
p.+358 40 774 8564

City of Seinäjoki

Cultural services

PL 215, 60101 Seinäjoki


Tel. +358-6 416 2111 (telephone exchange)