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City Hall (1961‒1962)

City Hall and Government offices are under renovation until the end of 2018.

Based on the design competition for Seinäjoki's centre (1958-1959), which Alvar Aalto won with his design for the town hall, he was given the task to design the library, theatre, and administrative building, all of which he had sketched and included in his competition work.

Built in 1962, the City Hall's facade is dominated by a loggia, where the main entrance is also located. Polished and dark blue, glittering differently according to the time of day and the season, the ceramic rods give the Seinäjoki City Hall a memorable profile. Aalto developed the ceramic rod tile when he was designing the headquarters for The Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The Seinäjoki City Hall was one of the first places where the tile was used as material for a facade.

In the towering council chamber, the rows of seats form semicircles, so that each seat in a row is equally far from the Council Chair's seat, which is in the concave north-east corner. The towering shape also gives the building monumentality when viewing it from the facade end. The chamber room is also used for lectures and concerts due to its good acoustics. The west wing, although originally designed for residency, such as the mayor's apartment, was transformed into work facilities in the 1970s and 80s.