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The "Cross Of The Plains" church (1957‒1960) and the Parish Centre (1965‒1966)

In 1950-52, Alvar Aalto participated in an architecture competition with his design entry having the working title "Cross Of The Plains". This is now the first building of Seinäjoki's administrative and cultural centre. The hall of the church is in the shape of a cathedral. The ceiling narrows and lowers gradually toward the choir, and the floor slanting toward the altar give the churchgoer an impressive view and feeling. There are 1 200 seats in the hall and 124 up in the organ gallery.

The floor of the choir, the table and balustrade of the altar and the pulpit are constructed of white and grey Italian marble. The lamps and the crowns in the hall, manufactured according to special blueprints, are designed by Aalto, as are the silver communion supplies and altar cloths. They have been manufactured according to five different liturgical colours by the Seinäjoki-based textile artist Ellen Alakanto.

The north-east side of the church has a small chapel for christening, wedding and other ceremonies. The glass painting "South-Ostrobothnian Currents" is also created by Alvar Aalto, as is the bronze fountain "Dove At The Fountain," located at the base of the bell tower.

Aalto designed the church yard, which the Parish Centre forms, in such a way that it is possible to organise religious outdoor activities there. The acoustic upholstery of the parish hall are made of common beech, and the pews are red-heart pine. The same woods have been used also in the furnishings in the Cross of the Plains church.

The central administration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has protected the church since 2003.