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Seinäjoki Theatre (1986‒1987)

Aalto had drafted preliminary designs for the Seinäjoki Theatre in 1968. The designs were updated to the level required for modern theatre activities, yet still adhering precisely to Aalto's general plan, after his passing. The theatre building was finalised in 1987 under the lead of Elissa Aalto. The facade of the building is made of matte white, ceramic rod tiles. The interior floors are made of limestone tiles from Öland, with fishbone and fossil imprints on them.

Spacious and light-coloured lobby facilities are decorated throughout with design products by Artek. Aalto's unique collection of five bent wood reliefs is on display in the lobby.

The theatre has four stages: the main stage "Alvar" has 429 numbered seats. The small stage "Elissa" seats 100-120; the Verstasteatteri-Workshop Theatre-has 60 seats and the theatre restaurant 120 seats.

The curtain of the Alvar stage is called Daidalos and it is designed by the visual artist Juhana Blomstedt. In the top foyer, the Isojako rya rug, named after the land consolidation of Sweden in 1757, is designed by the textile artist Irma Kukkasjärvi. The top foyer also includes Arne Olsson's work Ylistys merelle ja Ellen Alakannolle, "Tribute To The Sea And To Ellen Alakanto," donated by Rauha Maijala.