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City Library (1964‒1965)

The fan-like shape of the lending room is the most distinctive visual characteristic of the library. The screens on the south wall, while providing protection from the sun, also form a stylish facade through which daylight reflects beautifully into the lending room and directs light moderately toward the shelves. The ceiling, made of copper, repeats the fan-like shape of the lending room. Over time, Aalto's combined city library-provincial library became crowded, and thus Seinäjoki had its new main library built in close proximity to the Aalto Centre in 2012.

Aalto's library is completely restored to its original state, and it opened to the public in May 2015. Now neighbours, the old and the new library are connected with an underground tunnel. The lending of art and historic materials has been transferred to Aalto's library. In addition, an information desk about Aalto will be located there.