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Civic Square (1988)

A central role in Aalto's centre designs is given to the monumental and popular markets surrounded by public buildings. As a reflection of young Aalto's admiration of the antique, the square appears as a forum, but in its background is the Italian style "living room," the piazza.

The Town Hall, library and theatre circle form a square in the middle of granite paving and cobbles, which, according to Aalto's suggestion, is meant to be a meeting place for the people of Seinäjoki as well as a place for congress, summer meetings and such. Aalto hoped that through his markets, meant to be meeting places, he would promote a new renaissance; activities related to forming and the exchange of opinions and social relations.

The Aalto Centre was built gradually, with the Civic Square, its fountains and plantations completed last. The pavement of the square continues across the street on the east side, thus connecting the administration and cultural buildings to the ecclesiastical buildings and forming an artwork comprising six buildings and a square.