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Position in organization and the main function

The City of Seinäjoki´s council decides the reception of refugees by introduction to the ELY-centre according to the integration programme. Refugee work belongs to the social and health centre. The main goal is to help refugees in their adjustment to Finnish society and supports the preservation of their own cultural identity. It also seeks to promote the development of society into a multicultural community accepting diversity.

Services provided by the refugee work include

  • organisation of refugee reception
  • guidance and advice for refugees for all kinds of social security and basic services.
  • cooperation with different agencies in organising refugee services
  • education, consultation and information about refugee matters
  • organisation of interpretation services for refugees

Refugee work takes care of the psychosocial needs of refugees for the first four years. Refugees receive guidance for practical matters and challenging family situations.


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Visiting Address:

Keskuskatu 32 I

60100 Seinäjoki

Vice Refugee coordinator Raakel Pöyry
Ph +358 40 7748765


Refugee worker Armi Itäpalo

Ph +358 44 754 1740