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The city evolves

Located in Western Finland, Seinäjoki is the central city of the province of South Ostrobothnia. The city has a great location logistically and a strong industrial and business base.

In Finland, Seinäjoki profiles itself as specialising in food systems. Seinäjoki, and South Ostrobothnia in general, have strong businesses in this field with knowledge of agriculture, food production, and agrotechnology. Organisations working in Seinäjoki have a responsibility at a national level to develop food systems in order to become one of Finland's future growth businesses.

Seinäjoki is one of Finland's fastest growing cities. As a result of the growth, the cityscape of Seinäjoki is undergoing positive changes. The city center especially has many building projects for apartments and services. The railway yard in Seinäjoki is a nationally significant target for investments as the area undergoes a fundamental renewal.


Development director Erkki Välimäki


tel. +358 6 416 6281, +358 40 774 8331

Development manager Sami Mäntymäki

tel. +358 6 416 2041, +358 44 754 1715