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Pre-primary education

Pre-primary education is provided in all day care centres in Seinäjoki, as well as in a pre-primary group or combined class in conjunction with schools when needed. In cases where there are at least seven pre-primary pupils, teaching can be arranged in an independent group. Mode of implementation regarding the schools is determined separately in each case. Pre-primary education is provided four hours per day on weekdays during the school year.

Pre-primary education in day care centres is systematic and provides persevering teaching and education methods. Its aim is to strengthen the child’s healthy sense of self-esteem with positive learning experiences and to support the child’s overall growth and development, as well as adapt to their individual learning capability. In pre-primary education the children practice how to cope in life and how to interact and get along with others, within a safe and encouraging community. Pre-primary education work is based on playful activities, in which the child’s level of development and interests are taken into account.

Applying for pre-primary education

You can apply for pre-primary education every spring. The specific application period is announced separately.

Pre-primary education in English (language shower)

Marttila Primary School in Seinäjoki provides basic education partly in English. In Jouppi Day Care Centre there is an English-speaking language shower group (21 places) for children in pre-primary education age. Language shower, in which the child typically learns songs, games, rhymes and everyday phrases, is a lighter version of language immersion. In language shower group, there may also be children with English as their mother tongue or bilingual children. You can apply for a place in the group electronically. In case there are more than 21 applicants the final decisions are made by drawing lots.


The parents are generally expected to organise transport for their children. The transport is organised by the city if the distance between the child’s home and the nearest day care centre providing pre-primary education is more than three kilometres.

For more information, you can contact any day care centre, an area manager or the person in charge of pre-primary education, Area Manager Eija Ikola, tel. +358 6 416 2577, +358 44 7541628, eija.ikolaseinajoki.fi

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