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Basic education

The path to learning in Seinäjoki.

We provide diverse, high-quality education for inhabitants of all ages.

Basic education is free, comprehensive and based on the national core curriculum. The duration of basic education is nine years, and it is meant for children between 7 and 16 years of age. All children who are permanent residents in Finland must attend school by law. Compulsory school attendance begins in the same year the child turns seven years old and it ends after the syllabus of basic education has been completed or after ten years of compulsory school attendance. Education and instruction which take individual needs into account can be arranged for pupils in basic education when necessary.

In addition to learning sufficient basic knowledge and skills, diverse education opportunities are also important. Upper secondary school students can draw up their own personal study plan within the wide range of studies offered. Both general and vocational upper secondary schools are part of a common network of educational institutions, which is why the supply encompasses nearly all upper secondary education in Finland.

Vocational Education Centre Sedu and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences provide further education after comprehensive school and upper secondary school. Adult education is versatile and offers wide range of studies in the adult education centre, upper secondary school for adults and vocational adult education. The University Consortium of Seinäjoki provides continued education and other studies at higher education level.

More information on basic education (website in Finnish):

Primary schools, classes 0-6
Lower secondary schools, classes 7-9
Single structure education (Intergrated primary and lower secondary education), classes 1-9
Special schools
Private schools

Morning and afternoon activities

Afternoon activities for pupils of first and second grades are organised by the city on primary schools’ premises on school days between noon and 4pm. Activities are not organised on Saturdays even if Saturday happens to be a school day.


The application period for the school year’s 2015-2016 morning and afternoon activities is 7.-16.2.2015.

Application form for morning and afternoon activities (pdf, 0.27 Mt)

More information on morning and afternoon activities (website in Finnis):

Morning and afternoon activities

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