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Course Programme

About 1 000 long or short courses are available in the whole Seinäjoki area in the school year 2019-2020. You can see these in a printed course programme brochure that is delivered to every household in Seinäjoki as well as in the up-to-date, electronic course programme .

Besides the studies focused on hobbies and other activities, you can study in courses that give qualifications or that are more professional, such as first aid, navigation, the Hygiene Passport, computer driving licence, national certificate of language proficiency, and security officer courses

The adult education centre in Seinäjoki also offers open university courses annually.

Senior citizens, pensioners, immigrants and representatives of special groups have targeted courses, some of which include the possibility to apply for study aids from the Finnish National Board of Education and thus lower the course fees. Also students of grade 10-12 from secondary schools and higher education have their own courses. Additional information can be found in the printed brochure and in the electronic course programme .

During the school year, the adult education centre also organises several public lectures, some of which are free.

If you cannot find a suitable course in what we offer, feel free to suggest one.

The office of the Adult education centre is open:

During teaching period: Mon-Thu 8:30am-6pm (September and January until 7pm)
Fridays and outside the teaching period: 8:30-3:30

Contact information:
Address: Vapaudentie 83, 60100 Seinäjoki
Tel: +3586 416 2463, +3586 416 2893, +3586 416 2528