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Adult Education Centre in short

The adult education centre in Seinäjoki is a city-maintained educational establishment that is based on the license from the Ministry of Education and Culture and that provides general and qualifying education as well as basic education in the arts (TPO, taiteen perusopetus in Finnish).

As an educational centre of liberal adult education, its task is to support the independent studies of the inhabitants and the development of themselves and their citizen participation capacity. The services are primarily aimed at those who have finished their primary education, but children and young persons take part especially in the basic education groups of the arts. The education centre caters the whole of Seinäjoki, from its centre to the suburbs and neighbourhoods around the city.

School year 2017-2018

During the school year 2017-2018, about 8200 people studied in the adult education centre of Seinäjoki. Around 34 000 hours of education were provided in about 1 000 courses during the year. Sports subjects had the greatest number of students. The next largest groups were languages, music and handicraft. In addition to the Opistotalo education building, over 100 different units around the city provided education. In autumn 2017, one basic studies' programme started in the open university field.


The adult education centre was founded in 1945 as a workers' educational association school, initially maintained by a support group. The workers' educational association school was communalised in 1950, and in 1979 the Seinäjoki city council changed its name to Seinäjoen Kansalaisopisto; Seinäjoki adult education centre. In 1995, the centre was given the Opistotalo building (the former Tiklas facilities), with 2400 m2 in four floors for its own use. After a renovation in 1998, the education centre received special facilities for sewing, sculpting, pottery, painting, graphic work and lapidary work. At the same time, the education centre also got two computer classrooms and a language laboratory.

In 2015, the adult education centre celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Administration of the adult education centre

Within the city's organisation, the adult education centre comes under the education and culture profit centre. The early childhood pedagogy and education board makes decisions regarding the education centre's budget and curriculum, for example. The principal as the head of the profit centre is responsible for the curriculum and personnel administration. The principal also has the financial responsibility for the operations of the education centre.

The office of the Adult education centre is open:

During teaching period: Mon-Thu 8:30am-6pm (September and January until 7pm)
Fridays and outside the teaching period: 8:30-3:30

Contact information:
Address: Vapaudentie 83, 60100 Seinäjoki
Tel: +3586 416 2463, +3586 416 2893, +3586 416 2528