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The impact of the government alignments regarding the coronavirus in Seinäjoki

13.3.2020, klo 21:18

This website has been updated 18 March.

The government stated on Monday that Finland is in the state of emergency because of the coronavirus.

The city of Seinäjoki has considered the government alignments for preventing the coronavirus. The arrangements will become effective on Wednesday 18 March 2020 and are valid until 13 April 2020.

Schools and kindergartens

The school premises will be closed and contact teaching will be suspended in the whole city. Upper secondary schools will implement distant learning. The matriculation examinations will be organized normally during this week.

Contact teaching for children of employees in sectors critical to the functioning of society in grades 1–3 will continue. The government has shared a list of critical sectors.

Contact teaching will be arranged for pupils who are eligible for special education services; however, parents and guardians able to arrange childcare at home are requested to do so. School lunch will be offered for the students studying at school.

After school care will be organized normally for those pupils who are at school.

The government advises parents and guardians able to arrange childcare at home to do so.

Early childhood education and care units will be functioning as usual. Yet, it is recommended to arrange childcare at home.

Social and health services

Visits to housing services for the elderly and other at-risk care units will be prohibited. There will be no more visiting care institutions, health care units and hospitals, except asymptomatic family members of children and critically ill individuals, family members of those in hospice care and spouses or support persons in the maternity ward. Permits to visit will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Helpdesk for elderly people will be closed for at least a month. The clients will be advised on the phone from Monday to Friday between 9 am- 2 pm. All counseling groups will be cancelled.

Day activity groups for elderly people will be cancelled for the time being. The employees of day activities will take care of clients who needing help during week 12.

During week 12 the day activity will inform about those clients who need home care services. The entire staff of day activities will start home care work.

The need for nonstandard hour care will be evaluated on the whole. Additional personnel will move to home care.

There might be delays in safety phone setups, answers and procedures.

Kaks´Kättä workshop, Toimintojen talo and activity centers in Seinäjoki and Ylistaro are closed.

Non-urgent healthcare and dental care function is available as usual for the time being.

There are preparations to establish a temporary hospital unit in health center Huhtala 10.

Sports and cultural venues and community college

According to the government alignment the museums, libraries, activity centers, swimming halls, sports venues, youth centers, venues and associations are closed.

Public transportation

Public transportation will operate as usual so far, but there might be changes in timetables. They will be updated on the website of Härmän Liikenne. Public service transportation will operate normally during week 12.

Other activities and personnel of the city

The personnel of the city will start distant work if possible.

Helpdesk of the city will be open during weekdays. Helpdesk Alvari of housing and environment sector is closed. You can contact via service number 06 416 2121.

Official post meetings will be held normally.

Extended coordinating group will meet twice a day.

This information and instructions of Finnish institute for health and welfare can be found here: https://bit.ly/2xAPkT2

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